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It's More Than Just A Ride


Our Therapeutic Riding Program improves the quality of life of those we serve. Our primary clients are individuals with disabilities who benefit physically, emotionally, and cognitively through animal-assisted activities, primarily through interaction with horses.

About Us

In Riding A Horse,
   We Borrow Freedom

Pegasus Special Riders, Inc. has been operating since 1997. We depend on a great team of volunteers that perform all of the required duties such as working with the riders, caring for the horses and facilities, raising funds and providing the necessary administrative support.


We are dedicated to raising awareness for our cause and serving those who come to our facility to enjoy the freedom, therapeutic benefits, and companionship that comes with riding.

Pegasus Special Riders, Inc. is an organization that provides children and adults with special needs an activity that is both therapeutic and fun, in a safe, supportive, non-competitive environment. Each client's weekly lesson includes both riding and care of the horse, so a relationship can develop between the person and the animal.

We encourage all of our students and parents to get involved. There are numerous opportunities to do so and we greatly appreciate your efforts. Pegasus Special Riders operates as a team and we can use your help! As we continue to grow and expand, we will rely on increased support from you and from our community. Your time and involvement is always welcome!


Complete our rider application. PLEASE NOTE: Due to our herd's weight carrying availabily our maximum weight limit for a rider is 180 pounds. Participation for riders between 150-180 pounds is subject to horse availability. We will never turn a rider away due to their inability to pay. Scholarships are available for qualified individuals. Please fill out our scholarship application. We are here to help you along the way and provide you with all the information necessary to begin your journey here at Pegasus Special Riders. Contact us with any questions you have by calling 815.973.3177 or email


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Pegasus Special Riders, fill out our volunteer form and return via email or contact our office.

Pegasus Special Riders provides a variety of programming to benefit qualified individuals through year round programs and outreach programs.


We do not turn anyone away due to their inability

to pay. Scholarships are available for qualified individuals. We look forward to meeting you!

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