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Courage Is Being Scared To           Death But Saddling Up Anyway

Our riders inspire us every day with their courage, their willingness to learn, and their ability to take on a new challenge. Our horses are helping people with special needs reach their goals that they never imagined possible. Horses reach people in extraordinary ways.

Bryn's Story

Bryn has been riding at Pegasus since she was 18 months old. Her bubbly personality continues to fill the barn with lots of joy and laughter. Whether it's singing or story telling or therapeutic game play, she is very social and loves to entertain her horse and classmates.


She was born in Nashville, TN in 2006 with a diagnosis of Spina Bifida, and during her riding time here at Pegasus, Bryn has seen increased strength and balance, as well as developing a gate to walk. Her parents credit Pegasus for providing her the opportunity to be mobile and walk on her own. Bryn's life would not be the same without the therapeutic services Pegasus provides.

Ryker's Story

Ryker was referred to Pegasus Special Riders in August of 2011 by a local Physical Therapist, he was 18 months old. At that time he presented with low postural tone and ligamentous laxity. He had some instability in his gait when walking on uneven surfaces and negotiating ramps, small steps, and changes in flooring. He also presented with instability of his trunk and a head tilt.


Along with all this Ryker also has been diagnosed with Autism, OCD and vision impairments. His Physical Therapist at that time felt that our program would help with his trunk strength and stability.


Ryker's mother Kelly has told us that since he started in our program his balance and posture has greatly improved. His core strength has also gotten a lot better. Riding also gives him the sensory input to be focused and calm for the rest of his day.

Emily's Story

Emily, who has Downs Syndrome, along with congenital heart disease and Celiac Disease, was very young when her mother first heard of Pegasus Special Riders. They had horses at their home, which Emily loved.


In fact Emily loves all animals and fears none. This fact made her introduction to actually riding a horse pretty easy. Initially, she learned quickly, blue rein, red rein, walk on etc. But as she reached the late teen years her level of concentration seemed to decrease. Her mother explains that the amazing patience of the instructors and helpers (side walkers and leaders) allowed her to keep gaining skills such as independent riding, trotting, and horse care, but at a slower pace.


Emily has now graduated high school and now works for Krieder. She is 24 and continues to regard her weekly riding as the high point of her week. She loves the horses, riding and the "friendship" she feels for the Pegasus Volunteers. At Pegasus she is an independent person who can ride and care for a beautiful horse.


In her mother's words "this is a priceless accomplishment! Thank you Pegasus!"


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